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Briar Rose is a novel which is about a girl named Becca who is searching to find the truth behind her grandmother Gemma’s story which she used to tell to Becca. Gemma told Becca the story when she was on her deathbed and made Becca promise to find the truth behind the story. So Becca goes on a quest to find the truth and eventually finds out that Gemma’s version of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is really a horrifying story about the Holocaust and Gemma’s experience in the Holocaust. The fairytale story is an allegory to what really happened to Gemma in the Holocaust. There are four central concerns in the novel Briar Rose. These are; Genocide and the Holocaust, Facing the truth, growing and moving on, The centrality of love and family and Courage and the human spirit. These four concerns are central to the novel and are all interwoven. They all apply to the quote given in the assignment as well. Genocide and the holocaust is clearly a central concern to this text. Becca’s quest takes up about one third of the novel and in the middle of everything she finds out what the Nazi’s did to the victims. This fits in to…show more content…
The story of the mother who would rather see her child die than hand her over to the Nazi’s emphasizes this central concern. Because it emphasizes that it is better to live with morals and humanity than to be subjected to evil. Also, Becca demonstrates this central concern in the novel through the fact that she was willing to fulfill Gemma’s deathbed promise and go searching for the truth all the way to Poland. Courage and the human spirit is present in the quote as Becca and Magda are talking to each other about whether it’s better to tell the truth or keep it hidden and they pretty much come to a conclusion that it is better to tell the truth. This is clearly an act of courage on both Magda and Becca’s
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