Briar Rose Essay

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Personal discovery is conveyed the in the text Briar Rose by Jane Yolen by the use of many forms of techniques such as; repetition, allusion, 3rd person, motifs, metaphors, symbolism, allegory and imagery, to convey distinct ideas about a quest of self-discovery, the main protagonists past, the Holocaust and the importance of storytelling. Yolan has also utilized the fairy tale style genre in ‘Briar Rose’ along with allegory to explore the ideas of mystery, personal discovery and riddles to portray the underlying truth. Beginning a quest of personal-discovery can be difficult for an individual if they do not know where their ancestry or legacy truly lies. One of our main protagonists, Becca, began this quest when she made a promise to her Grandmother, Gemma. Becca had made a promise to find her true legacy, and to uncover Gemma’s past; a promise that was pieced together from an innocent fairy tale, Briar Rose, that Becca had been told by Gemma endlessly from a young child. The promise was the trigger that had begun the quest. Yolen conveys this quest of personal discovery with the use of repetition, imperative verbs and the sense of urgency within the quotes “I am Briar Rose” and “find the castle and the maker of spells” from Gemma portrays how much this promise and quest meant to her. This begins to make the audience question the purpose and innocence of the fairy tale and what its underlying meaning truly is, and make us feel as if there is something being hidden. Repetition is further explored paired with the use of motifs and symbolism when Becca receives a wooden box with a carved rose and briars on it that belonged to Gemma; inside she found pictures of a younger Gemma, a ring and other belongings from her grandmother. The repetition, motifs and symbolism of the briars and roses suggests that the fairy tale is now an important part of Gemma and her past,
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