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Discussion After comparing the literature and Myer results it can be said they agree with each other to a degree. The questionnaire outcome shows that overall Myer doesn’t have a good understanding of brain injuries. Senior students have a better understanding but not much more than junior students. The main research question related to people’s knowledge of mild traumatic brain injuries. Is the general public and school communities well educated on them and if they feel they are is their information incorrect. According to studies done by S.T. Tyler in 2000 out of Kansas, he found that most teachers in schools considered mild traumatic brain injuries a low incidence problem and report no students in their school having a mild traumatic brain injury. With many students in high school participating in extra curricular sports and there being 300 000 sports related brain injuries every year it is very likely that at least one or more students in a school suffer from a mild traumatic brain injury. That doesn’t include brain injuries cause by car accidents, falls, assaults, etc. 58% of Myer students surveyed claimed they knew someone who has suffered from a mild traumatic brain injury. From personal experience from working at the Brain Injury Association of Michigan, Kathie Sell has found that the general public, and surprisingly teachers are not well educated on brain injuries, especially ones that are considering mild. Of the students surveyed at Myer, 12% believe they are well aware of what mild traumatic brain injuries are and the symptoms they cause. All three of these students were senior boys. From all the informational questions asked in the survey the three boys combined total of questions right was 50%. This shows that although people may think they are well informed

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