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Brian Taylor is a priest that was commenting on the Rule of St. Benedict. He explains his own personal interpretation of what St. Benedict has to say. Taylor expresses that the Benedictine way is like a counterculture path. He describes that each aspect of “The Rule” is slightly changed and related to the world of today. He starts with the concept of ordinariness, the precept that St. Benedict used as the model of a person’s life. However, Taylor explains that the lives that people live in general are ordinary, because of the same repeated actions of an everyday life. He expresses that holiness can be found in everyday life while performing everyday actions, and that it’s not necessary to be a priest or a monk to attain holiness. I completely agree with this thought, because to me being holy has nothing to do with becoming someone who finds a profession in serving god. I think that being close to god is a more personal feeling, and it comes with finding time in your everyday lifestyle, it’s a part of taking time out of your busy day to remember god. Simplicity is another precept that Taylor refers to as an important aspect from “The Rule”. The Rule embraces poverty by shunning all worldly materials. However, he also refers to a person being able to work hard and honestly earn money for themselves. Taylor explains that today the world is too after worldly pleasures, and that the people have become too money minded and materialistic. I agree with this thought, because I think that as time goes on more and more items are created to make simple tasks more simpler. They are not necessary; they are just a way for people to earn more money. I think people are constantly trying to get more of what they don’t have, but they are never satisfied once they get what they

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