Brian Steidle's Journey

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The flashes of images portrayed in this documentary are horrifying, sad and wretched. Fear can be seen in the eyes of the victims and hate in the eyes of the “devils.” This film gave me chills and will forever haunt my memories. Telling of a story how Brian Steidle left the marines to look for a job and found a place in the world, as an observer for the African Union in the Sudan. Steidle served as a USMC captain and when he would no longer see combat; he left the military and accepted a contract position in Sudan with the Joint Military Commission, where he would be an integral part of the North-South ceasefire, raising the ranks from a team leader to senior operations officer. After seven months, he was invited to Darfur, where he would serve as an unarmed military observer and American representative for the African Union in that region. Steidle spent six months watching as a nation consumed itself, as the Sudanese Arab-controlled government enacted systematic killings against its black African citizens in Darfur. This documentary tells of a government that not only allowed such killings to take place, but encouraged the killings by paying the “devils” or Janjaweed.…show more content…
Directed by Annie Sunderberg and Ricky Stern, The Devil Came on Horseback tells audiences what has happened in the Sudan through Steidle's own journey. The Devil Came on Horseback shows Steidle’s journey from being an observer to being an activist. By incorporating Steidle's own photos and video footage along with video following his account to Congress, the audience sees how Steidle saw it. We see Steidle brief Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on the Sudan. We see him watching. We see him waiting, and we see nothing
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