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brett whiteley Essay

  • Submitted by: seanistehcool
  • on March 19, 2008
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Brett Whitley’s art practice drew influences from artists such as van gough and hokusai. Brett whitely had many motifs in his painting and also had a lot of curves as he was interested in the female body. Brett whitely also made a lot of motisse inspired paintings.

”I am addicted to the curve”- Brett whiteley exaggerated curves in a lot of his works. This motif of the female body is used in nearly all of his paintings. It is first shown in his bathroom series. Some of whiteley’s works that show the exaggeration of curves are Thebes revenge, summer at carcoar and lindfeild gardens.

Thebes revenge is an artwork influenced heavily by Japanese art and Hokusai. It uses and extensive rang of curves and wavy lines. The main wave at the focal point of this picture has very exaggerated curves. The curves on the main wave ad a very powerful effect and exaggerate the shape and the strength of the wave. In the background of this piece is a choppy unsettled sea. The extensive use of lines and curves further exaggerate the atmosphere of the sea and make it seem a lot more powerful and strong. This work outlines the main features of whiteleys practice.

Another one of whiteleys works that uses a range of curves is summer at carcoar. There are many different curves shown in this piece. The one main curve that is exaggerated in this piece is the wide waved line of the river that splits the two sides of the painting. Another prominent curve shown in this piece is the cross section of the mousse borrow, this borrow also brings on sexual connotations because of its shape. Another feature of this work that is curved is the road in the top right hand corner of the painting; this road shares a similar shape to the river. This piece is also a good example of whiteleys art practice and his use of curves.

Lindfeild gardens is another good example of how whiteley incorporates curves into his paintings. This piece draws a lot of influence from van gough. The main feature in this...

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