Brett Favre: The 43rd Super Bowl

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Joe Shoemaker March 6th, 2008 was a day of true sadness for me. It was the day the hope of a legend, a dynasty, and a legacy died. Brett Favre gave a tearful press conference announcing his retirement. Just weeks later, a spark of hope arrived. Breaking news on ESPN announced that the legend told head coach Mike McCarthy that he was having second thoughts about his retirement. The Green Bay front office shot his hopes of returning to the Packer organization down. If the Green Bay Packers want their best chance at winning the 43rd Super Bowl this year; this may be one of the worst decisions they could make. Green Bay has many concerns in the feasibility of taking back Brett Favre. Brett Favre is 38 years of age, and is entering his 18th…show more content…
Some say that Aaron Rodgers is going to be a great quarterback; he has tons of potential. Brett is the quarterback who has nearly every record in the books, including most touchdowns, most consecutive games, most passing yards, most completions, most pass attempts, and most wins as a quarterback. Aaron Rodgers played under 3 quarters of a game last season. It was a very successful day. However, teams cannot base the future of an organization from a couple of completions in one game. What coaches see in practice does not always translate in games. Aaron may fold up under the pressure and ruin Green Bay’s chance of a Super Bowl. Brett has all the experience needed. He has the leadership. He has the passion for the game like no other. Unless Aaron Rodgers completes every pass on the victory road to a Super Bowl, there is little chance this season will seem a success. It does not make sense to replace arguably best quarterback in the league with a 4-year veteran who has taken 59 career snaps in the NFL. Aaron will never accomplish what Brett has, which could ruin the Packers shot at a Super…show more content…
Brett is the best choice for the Packers starting quarterback. Aaron just is not Brett. The Packers, if lead by Favre, have the best chance to win the Super Bowl. Powerhouses in the NFL are coming out this season not as strong as the last. This is the Packer’s opportunity to bring the Vince Lombardi trophy back to Green Bay. There is no doubt in my mind that Green Bay’s front office needs to go with the best. Take Brett back. MLA formatted Works Cited Page 2007 NFL Passing Leaders. Mortgage loan calculating. 31 Jul. 2008. <> Ryan Grant Stats, News, Photos. 27 Jul. 2008. ESPN. 31 Jul. 2008. <> Brett Favre Stats, News, Photos. 31 Jul. 2008. ESPN. 31 Jul. 2008. <> Manning joins other Colts stars on injury list. 15 Jul. 2008. ESPN. 31 Jul. 2008. <> Aaron Rodgers Stats, News, Photos. 26 Jul. 2008. ESPN. 31 Jul. 2008. <> Favre Watch. 7 Mar. 2008. Green Bay Packers, Inc. 31 Jul. 2008.

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