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Brett Favre Versus Barry Sanders Brett Favre is my favorite football player of all times. He played High school football starting out as quarterback. He then went on to college playing for University of Southern Mississippi with a scholarship for football. Unlike Barry Sander’s who played football for high school and started out as a tailback his sophomore year then took a backseat to his brother. Barry Sander’s didn’t become running back until his senior year. Brett Favre is my favorite because we have so much in common unlike me and Barry Sander’s. Brett Favre was born in Gulfport, Mississippi. He was raised in a small town of Kiln. Both of his parents were teachers. One of his grandparents…show more content…
In Brett Favre’s senior year in college he was involved in a near fatal car accident. Brett nearly survived and gone under emergency surgery an had to have 30 inches cut off from his small intestine. After six weeks of recuperation Brett came back playing football again and he got a victory over Alabama State, That’s when Favre got his nickname the miracle man. Barry Sander’s was never in the spotlight until his NFL career unlike Brett who became known way before even his college years. Brett Favre was drafted after college and got his degree in special education. Barry Sander’s didn’t even finish college with no degree he was drafted to the NFL in his senior year in college. Brett Favre was drafted to the Atlanta Falcons when all of the NFL teams were fighting to get Brett Favre to play for them. Favre decided to play for the Atlanta Falcons even though he had so many choices to choose from. Favre only played for the Atlanta Falcons for only a year Barry Sander’s only had one team to play for and that was Detroit Lions no one wanted him because he was to small even the Lion’s was skeptical if they could keep him. Brett Favre went on an was drafted to the Green Bay Packers. There is when Favre became addicted to pain pills, almost losing his career. His team cared so much for him that they got him help and got him into rehab. Then Favre came back better than ever. Brett won the MVP award…show more content…
Brett was 3.4 points shy of having a perfect performance. Brett Favre got a standing ovation throughout the whole stadium including the Oakland Raiders and their fans. The next day Brett went to his father’s funeral. Barry Sander’s wasn’t any one’s favorite after his run in with the trouble he got into with the team. Brett Favre had a series of tragedies after his father’s death. Brett’s brother in law ten months later after his father’s death was killed in an all- terrain vehicle accident on his own property. Then in 2004 Brett’s wife Deanna was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went under a series of treatments and recovered. That’s when Brett and his wife founded the Favre’s Hope Foundation for breast cancer, which helps women be more educated, helps with imaging and breast cancer diagnostic services. Brett’s Younger daughter was diagnosed with Autism at the age of five years old, so Brett started a camp for children with Autism. Barry Sander’s never stayed with a women he was engaged”, one time.” Barry abused her, he has five children with different women. His oldest has had a series of run ins with the law and his third to the oldest plays football for his high school. His children are not close to Barry Sander’s. Brett Favre puts half of his income into fundraisers and charities, he has helped

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