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The packers and their fans have been through a lot of publicity and media coverage due to the departure of the beloved Brett Favre. The man taking over as the starting quarter in Green Bay is known as Aaron Rodgers, attended college at the University of California. This past season (2008) was Aaron Rodgers 1st start with an NFL team and was the 1st time in 16 seasons that Brett Favre was not under center with the Green Bay Packers. In comparison both of these great quarter backs 1st seasons were very good despite what their record showed. Now coming into Rodgers 2nd season as the quarter back of the Green Bay Packers, fans are shaken with more news that Brett Favre will be returning to play another season with the arch rival Minnesota Vikings.…show more content…
In 2008, Aaron Rodgers threw 28 touchdown passes and 13 interceptions. Brett Favre in 1993 threw 19 touchdown passes and 24 interceptions. This just shows the comparison of both quarter backs accuracy and precision, but this can also differ because of the difference in defenses and play calls that are made because there is a span of 15 years in between each of these seasons. The commissioner of the NFL has changed since the 1st start of Brett’s career compared to the 1st start of Aaron. Aaron proved to the Green Bay faithful last season and at the beginning of this season that he is serious about winning and wants to lead the team with accurate passes and smart football…show more content…
The head coach of the 1993 Green Bay Packers was Mike Holmgren, with a career record of 161-111 in the regular season and 13-11 in the playoffs with one super bowl victory in 1997 against the New England Patriots. Not to compare the careers of these individuals due to McCarthy’s lack of experience, but to compare the records of both Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers under the current coach Mike McCarthy. In Brett’s last season with Mike McCarthy he went 13-3 only to have his season ended in Green Bay by a field goal in overtime against the New York Giants, Aaron’s 1st season with Mike McCarthy was fueled with a 3-1 start but soon collapsed with a 3-9 finish to end the season, and missed the playoffs after being one game from the super bowl the previous

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