Breif Biography of St. Paul Essay

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Brief Biography of St. Paul St. Paul was known for his mission to spread Christianity. His attacks towards Christian Churches prompted the first missionary activities. His conversion and preaching became a cornerstone for Christian doctrine. St. Paul is known as one of the founders of Christianity. St. Paul was raised as a Jew. In his younger years he even persecuted Christians, taking part in the stoning of St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr. He was born in Tarsus, in 10AD and was originally named Saul. Saul also had the Latin name Paul. The custom of dual names was very common in those days. Since he grew up in a strict Pharisee environment, the name Saul was the appropriate name to go by. But after his conversion Paul used his Latin name because it was a name Gentiles were accustomed to. As a child Paul learned how to make mohair, which is what tents were made of. He was sent as a child to Jerusalem to receive his education at the school of Gamaliel. There isn’t much history known about Paul’s younger years of life, however it is common knowledge that he persecuted anything and everything that involved Christianity and tried to destroy it. He is even quoted in the book of Galatians explaining his persecution of the church. Paul conversation took place after Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus. According to the Oxford Bible he experienced a divine presence: a light from heaven flashing around him and a voice addressing him. The descent from Mt. Hermon to Damascus in the plain goes through a region known for violent electrical storms. Though this flashing light may have had the effects of lightning, however, it was a supernatural midday phenomenon. In the vision Jesus explained to Paul he had risen from the dead and St. Stephen was telling the truth when he said he saw the son of man standing at God’s right hand. After this vision

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