Breeders Rights vs Farmers Rights Essay

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Breeders Rights Versus Farmers Rights – Challenges and Problems facing the IP Regime - P. Rajadurai I INTRODUCTION We are living in an era of knowledge. Knowledge is the mantra for the development of each and every sector. The agricultural sector too is no exception to this. In the ancient period, agriculture was the sole determining factor of the strength of the economy. By the 18th century onwards, the focus was shifted towards the manufacturing sector. The present era, best termed as the knowledge era is highly dominated by the service sector, that is why it is best known as a “knowledge based economy”. It should be noted that mere service sector growth cannot enhance the higher growth of the economy in the longer run. The growth of agriculture sector is highly important to both for the development of manufacturing sector as well as the service sector, but it is not mere agriculture, it is knowledge oriented agriculture. It is in this scenario that the topic gains more importance. High growth in the agricultural sector is very important to achieve the higher target of sustainable economic growth. For example, presently, the Indian economy is growing at a rate of around 9% for the past two years, if the growth rate of agriculture is slow and static; it cannot be feasible to sustain the same. Even if it is possible, it will be a jobless growth, what with more than 60% of the workforce being concentrated in the agricultural sector. The service sector can only observe the workforce, with regard to those who are highly skillful. What happens to the semi skilled or less-skilled people? It can be observed either in the manufacturing sector or in the agricultural sector. If that is the case, we have to develop our manufacturing sector also. It is well known to everybody in the era of cut-throat competition, the manufacturing sector not only

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