Breed Specific Legislation Essay

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Breed specific legislation is a reoccurring act that is placed on many different cities around the United States. Breed specific legislation is a law that is passed for the banning of a specific breed of dog. In this case, the American Pit Bull Terrier is the victim. Kansas alone has this legislation in thirty-seven cities with more cities trying to pass this law. Many statistics and stories state that the pit bull is an extremely aggressive breed and should be banned throughout the entire U.S. The problem is, not every Pit Bull is aggressive. There are copious amounts of stories and statistics that show the complete opposite; pit bulls are a happy and loyal breed and that good dogs, regardless of breed, stem from good owners. The bottom line, breed specific legislation should be put to a stop due to lack of evidence that Pit Bulls are aggressive regardless of environment. The Pit Bull is one of the most popular dogs in the world and stems from a Bulldog mixed with a Terrier. Pit Bulls were originally used for bull and bear baiting which became illegal in 1835 due to the Cruelty to Animals Act. These owners then had to find a different use for the dog and started fighting them against each other creating the infamous dog fighting. Since the 1900’s, dog fighting has become a popular sport all around the world. Though banned in the United States and United Kingdom, pit bull owners still find a way to encourage these sickening fights. This is where Pit Bulls begin to achieve a bad reputation. Many onlookers’ mindset is “If they can be that vicious towards dogs, they can absolutely act vicious towards a human.” The fact that Pit Bulls are aggressive is a common misconception, despite hype in the media of various stories. Any dog can have aggressive and vicious tendencies; it varies on the environment and care of the dog if it will become aggressive. Despite the

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