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In the movie Klute, a woman by the name of Bree Daniels is shown as one of the main characters. Her profession involves being a call-girl and a part-time actress. Bree is being harassed by phone calls late at night and has the feeling she is being watched. After a police officer named John Klute shows up to investigate a disappearance of a man, the two start to develop a relationship with each other. As time passes the stalking of Bree increases but eventually it is found out who the stalker is. After this, Klute helps Bree to move out of her apartment. The future of Bree is not shown after she leaves her apartment. A possible guess is that Bree moves on to live with John Klute. This guess is shown through her dependency on others and money, the lighting of the set from dark to light, all while helping to show a progressive change in Bree. Bree depends on others to live her life the way she did. She would do pretty much anything to get money and received her money from her call-girl occupation. She depended on others to help her get by. She could not survive without people in her life to interact with. At first it was Frank Lagourin. He was a pimp that saw himself as providing a service for girls like Bree. He felt that he gave them a safe place to be in. Bree depended on Frank to offer her jobs as a call-girl for men who would pay for her services. After one of Bree's acting auditions, Klute asks her if she could help him locate Arlen Page. She says it would cost him and time is money. The fact that she considers any of her services even off of the call-girl job a way to make money, shows how dependent and how caught up in the call-girl act she has become in. She could have just answered the questions Klute had for her, but the mindset of making money at any given chance, is apparent. When she wanted to make some fast cash she would just dial a number on the phone

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