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P6 Task 3 Describe the FUNCTION of the respiratory system Pass Fail 1. Describe gaseous exchange (to include the diffusion of oxygen into the blood stream and the diffusion of carbon dioxide out of the blood stream: | • This is the process of oxygen entering the body and carbon dioxide leaving the body • For gaseous exchange to work the gas on each side of the semi permeable membrane which is a wall made up of 1 cell that allows some things to Pass through but not others. • The gases will always come from a place of high pressure and go to a place of low pressure also known as partial pressures. • When we breathe in there will be a high concentration there will be high concentration of oxygen in the lungs and a low concentration in the Blood stream. The oxygen will come from the lungs and enter the capillaries which surround the alveoli. • Highly oxygenated blood transports the oxygen into the muscle capillaries, muscle capillaries have a low concentration of oxygen, which means that oxygen can pass into the muscles to help release energy • Carbon dioxide is diffused into the bloodstream from the muscles then it gets transported to the lungs and diffused out to the alveoli. The partial pressure of oxygen is always lower in the alveoli compared to the external environment this is because the diffusion of oxygen is continuous which causes carbon dioxide to dilute when it enters the alveoli as it travels in an opposite direction to the oxygen. But the partial pressures are still higher in the alveoli then it is in the capillaries so the oxygen diffuses into the blood. * A difference in air pressure between atmosphere and lungs is created, and air flows in until equilibrium (a state in which opposing forces or influences

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