Breastfeeding And Smoking: Far From Ideal But Pref Essay

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Breastfeeding and smoking: far from ideal but preferable to formula feeding This particular clinical day started just like any other. I received report among busy nurses trying to finish their night shift assignments and get home. I received report on a 26 year-old who had delivered at 32 weeks gestation on the previous afternoon, with her baby boy weighing a mere 3.8 pounds. The baby had remained in the nursery to get the special care that he needed. While attending to his mother, Casey, one of the first things out of her mouth was, “I need my coffee and cigarette.” Being a student nurse I was hesitant to inquire about breastfeeding after hearing these remarks—I was always taught that a mother should never smoke, drink, or do drugs while pregnant or breastfeeding. After further interaction with Casey I felt as though we had bonded so I moved forward with my question. When I asked Casey what her thoughts were on breastfeeding she informed me that with her first child she tried breastfeeding but was unsuccessful. She then went into detail about why she was unsuccessful; basically it was because she was unable to quit smoking. Casey thought that since she was unable to quit smoking, formula feedings were the answer. She said she felt “like a bad mother” for this decision but she also knew that she tried her hardest to quit smoking and was unsuccessful. Casey wasn’t planning on breastfeeding her new baby due to her smoking. After Casey informed me that she wasn’t planning on breastfeeding her baby, I wasn’t exactly sure what to say or how to respond to her. I figured now would be a good time to talk to my co-assign, Joan. Joan let me know that according to evidence-based practice it is preferred that she breastfeed and smoke rather than not breastfeed at all. I knew that breastfeeding has many advantages, but I did not know that breast feeding and smoking would

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