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Part (b) research and viewpoints- I have researched latching on by using lots of different resources. I also added in two viewpoints of mothers that have breastfed their children. I also included what I believe. Book by National Childbirth Trust- Complete book of Baby Care (16-09-13) From this book I found out that the baby should lie on her side facing the mother. The baby should be up close to her breast with her head on her forearm. To start of breastfeeding I learnt that the baby should respond once the mother’s nipple touches the baby’s lip. The baby will turn towards the nipple and open their mouth. This is when the baby is ready to be breastfed. I asked my cousin who recently breastfed about latching on to breastfeeding. She told me that her midwife told her “it’s important for the mother to be comfortable, supported and relaxed while breastfeeding. She may need to find a chair that is comfortable and has plenty of support for her and her baby.” Magazine- Mother and Baby (March 2004) The first few days of pregnancy the baby feeds on colostrum’s, which is packed with immunity boosting nutrients for the baby. After that the milk from the breast will come through and be available when the baby is hungry. This is what I found out from this Magazine. Book by the complete Johnson and Johnson book of mother and baby care (17-09-13) From this book I learnt that you can’t just pull your nipple away from the baby as it will hurt. I learnt that the way to take the baby off the breast is to use your little finger to break the baby’s suction. Website- From this website I learnt that there is warning signs if the latch on is faulty. (16/09/13) These are some of the signs: • Nipples are sore • The baby falls asleep after only a few minutes of breastfeeding • The baby’s cheeks are dimpling when it sucks •

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