Breastfeeding Essay

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Breastfeeding is the gold standard of rearing a healthier, more intelligent children, breast-feeding to help reduce chronic diseases, disease burden.Should strengthen the legislation and implementation of the World Health Assembly adopted the International Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes Code and the subsequent series of resolutions on infant and young child feeding effect.Corresponding conditions by improving the workplace for postpartum recovery efforts to provide support to enable mothers to continue breastfeeding. 0-6 month baby should be based on the recommendation of the World Health Organization, United Nations Children's Fund Foundation of exclusive breastfeeding and to continue breastfeeding until six months after two years of age.Useful life of breastfeeding on children, while formula-fed children's health but would have an adverse effect that would have a negative impact in a country's economic development. (1) there is no any other kind of food like human breast milk is the same as to meet the requirements of infant development and the establishment of the immune system; a formula containing the antibody of the same with the breast milk to prevent disease transmission.Breastfed newborns die from acute respiratory infections and diarrhea probability of non-breastfeeding the newborn seventh. (2) International studies show that the risk of chronic disease virus likely to be 200% higher than in infancy did not receive breastfeeding adults, and acceptance of breastfeeding adults, while China has become increasingly subject to the issue of chronic disease virus disturbance. (3) (4) Breastfed children in intelligence test scores than non-breastfed children. An infant formula like badge breast milk, safe and easy to control, because the milk is very easily contaminated by water, bottles, teats and milk themselves. Breastfeeding

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