Breastfeeding Essay

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When a woman becomes pregnant there are numerous decisions that she has to make about her pregnancy, birth and motherhood and one of those important decisions will be about breastfeeding. Before a woman makes this decision there are many factors that she must consider; she should know the pros and cons of breastfeeding; her rights as a mother who plans to breastfeed in public and in the work force. Breastfeeding has many benefits; it reduces the risk of health problems such as postpartum depression, breast cancer, ovarian caner (in women) and ear infections, diarrhea, respiratory infections ect… (in babies). “Breast milk has disease fighting cells called antibodies that helps protect infants from germs and illness (Breastfeeding: Best for Baby, Best for Mom)”. Breastfeeding also helps women lose weight after pregnancy; it also protects the environment and its natural resources. The production of artificial milk compromises the environment by using up its natural resources; “formula, cans, bottles, nipples, labels, packaging and advertising use trees, metal, glass, plastic, paper, and fuel (Advantages of Breastfeeding to Society).” Although breastfeeding is highly recommended and beneficial, sometimes the mother may began to doubt her decision when she start thinking about breastfeeding in public. Despite the fact that breastfeeding is natural and beautiful there are still people who disapprove of women breastfeeding in public and feel that it is improper and indecent and because women have been condemned of this, they become discouraged. As recent as December 11, 2009, a mother who decided to nurse her 4 week old baby in a Target store in Harper Woods, Michigan because the baby was hungry and crying had the cops called on her by Target’s security; they said that it was illegal for her to be nursing in a public place. However, the mother knew that it was

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