Breast Feeding Versus Bottle Feed Essay

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Breast Feeding Versus Formula This document is to find out the pro and cons of breast feeding versus formula feed. I have looked at various sites identified by a Google engine search giving the benefits to both mother and child and the possible negative effects if any to their choice of breast or formula. The two articles I have looked at are attached with highlighted area’s to show where I have gathered the information from and how I have made the comparison. This document may possibly be a useful tool for expectant mothers, father’s, new mothers, foster parents and other extended family members and may possibly assist them to make the decision to whether breast feed or formula feed their child or possibly assist others to make the decision. [pic] I have noted that there are many benefits to breast feeding for both mother and child and these consist of Benefits for Mother • Eat more and lose weight faster: A breastfeeding mother needs 500 extra calories a day because the body burns that amount while breastfeeding. She'll be back in her pre-pregnancy shape quickly. • It's easy and convenient: There's nothing to buy or prepare so it gives the mother much more freedom. Breasts are always there and the milk is always warm and ready. • The mother can snooze during night feedings • There's a very special bond between Mother and Baby and it's the natural way to feed • There's less spitting up, no stains and the poop doesn't smell! • Protects against some breast and ovarian cancers: While breastfeeding, oestrogen levels are very low. Research has shown that the longer you breastfeed, the risks for these cancers goes down • MAY delay menstrual period: Again, oestrogen levels are low and many women think they're well protected from conceiving, but ovulation may still occur • It's an amazing confidence booster: Mothers are really

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