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Breast Cancer Did you know what the second-leading cancer killer of women is in the United States? Every year millions of women are affected by breast cancer. Thanks to screening, breast cancer can now be detected early and has even helped cure women from the disease. The thought about this disease is not going to help you; it is time for you to get the facts straight. The most common questions that are related to breast cancer are: What exactly is breast cancer? Can men also have breast cancer? What risk factors are there? First, what is breast cancer? Breast cancer is a disease in which cells become abnormal and form more cells in an uncontrolled way. With breast cancer, the cancer begins in the tissues that make up the breasts. The cancer…show more content…
Some of the most common factors known to most people are being a female, your age, and genetics. These factors are ones that cannot be changed. There are other ways to help maintain a low risk to have breast cancer. For example, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight for your body, can better your chances in maintaining a low risk. Did you know that race can have something to do with your risk of getting breast cancer? According to, “White women are slightly more likely to develop breast cancer than African American, Hispanic, and Asian women. But African American women are more likely to develop more aggressive, more advanced-stage breast cancer that is diagnosed at a young age” ( Whatever the risk factor may be, we all need to remember to always be as healthy as we can be to prevent being diagnosed with breast cancer or any cancer at all. What exactly is breast cancer? Can men also have breast cancer? What risk factors are there? There are so many questions that need answers when it comes to informing ourselves on breast cancer. Breast cancer is very serious and there are many organizations that are in support of the treatment of the disease to help people who have been diagnosed. One can only hope that one day this disease will finally have a permanent treatment that will relieve people from this disease for all cases of breast

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