Breast Cancer In America Essay

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In today’s society one of the main diseases affecting women is breast cancer. By having the option for free mammograms will be more than a plus, especially for those who cannot afford the exam. The fact is no one wants to know that they have breast cancer, but given the opportunity to have free mammogram exams done regularly could prevent uncommon side effects in women. Free mammogram testing gives the less fortunate women a sense of security, it allows them to stay in tact with what health issues they may have with their breasts without having to worry about who is going to cover the bill. It will also, gives women (who has never had a mammogram) the opportunity to educate themselves, by asking the doctor questions they think are important. This will give them a chance to learn how to perform self-examination, hands on from the doctor. Free mammogram testing provides women, who have a history of breast cancer in their family, the option to detect breast cancer at its earliest stages, which it would be more controllable. Finally, with early detection much more deaths could be prevented. A mammogram is an x-ray exam of the breast. It is used to detect and evaluate breast abnormalities, both in women who have no breast complaints or symptoms and in women who have breast symptoms (problems such as a lump, pain, or nipple discharge). Many women age 40 or older have never had a mammogram and many more do not follow the American Cancer Society recommendation of having a mammogram every year. Woman should get a yearly mammogram starting at age 40 (although some groups recommend starting at 50), and women with a genetic mutation that increases their risk or a strong family history may want to begin even earlier. Age is the single most important risk factor for breast cancer. The chances of developing the disease increase with age. About 70 percent of women

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