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Discuss the claims that Nordic and West African peoples came to the Americas before Columbus Cape 2007 Question 3 This essay serves to evaluate the claim that Nordic and West African peoples came to the Americas before Columbus. There are several pieces of evidence which prove the presence of Nordic and West African peoples before the arrival of Columbus. Many forms of pre-Columbian contact of West Africans have been strongly indicated based on historical accounts, archaeological findings and cultural comparisons. While on the other hand, the Norse, which was interchangeable with them term ‘Viking,’ presence can also be proven by the botanical, metallurgical, archaeological and written evidence. The presence of the Africans was first stated by Christopher Columbus himself in his voyage journals, which he claimed was told to him by an Indian on his second voyage. He stated in his journal that when he was in Haiti the Native Americans came to him and told him that black-skinned people had come from the south and southeast in boats, trading in gold-tipped metal spears. This was later solidified by Portuguese seamen who also told of African navigation to Columbus. In addition to the entries in Columbus’ journals, one of his sons reported in the book on the life of Columbus, that his father had told him that he had seen blacks north of the place we now call Honduras. Professor Van Sertima also presented archaeological evidence in many forms. The first piece of archaeological evidence was the Guanine. The Italian account Raccolta of the voyages reads “there were pieces of gua-nin as large as carvel’s poop.”1 This alloy existed predominantly with Africans who were outside of the Atlantic World. It was generally found on the tips of spears and other weapons making this an important component for the indigenous societies. The trading of this alloy was extensive between the

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