Breast Cancer Essay

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Reducing Risks of Breast Cancer Among American Women Introduction to Breast Cancer: Breast cancer will strike one in every eight American women. This makes it the most common cancer in woman. Approximately 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Of that number, 40,000 will die from breast cancer each year (Journal of Environmental Health 2003). Breast Cancer is the leading cancer for women in the United States according to the American Institute for Cancer Research. The first step in learning about Breast Cancer is understanding how it works, how to prevent it and what doctors and researchers are doing to find the cure, along with saving hundreds of thousands of American lives. Cancer Development: Cancer development begins when normal cells metamorphous into abnormal, or sick cells (The Biology of Breast Cancer, Cornell University). Cancerous cells are cells that grow without the normal system of controls placed upon the breast. Why is this seen more in women? The answer is that women’s breast cells divide uncontrollably, even when new cells are not needed, which make them much more likely to become cancerous (The Biology of Breast Cancer, Cornell University). This cancer is somewhat preventable, meaning there are some ways to decrease the risk of breast cancer growing in your body. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research one-third of women could have prevented developing Breast Cancer through diet, exercise, a healthy lifestyle. Identifying Ways to Reduce Cancer Risk: Breast cancer causing deaths in the United States could have been prevented (The American Institute for Cancer Research). There are two types of Breast cancer: Invasive and Non-invasion. Noninvasive is the calmer, more tamed type of cancer, often shown in women who used preventative measures and caught their cancers in early stages (The Biology of Breast

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