Breast Cancer Essay

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Kimberly A. Bush BRIGID Bechtold, Ph.D. College Writing II 9 October 2012 Breast Cancer is it Genetic or Hereditary How do we know if the gene has been passed down to you? Are males at risk of inheriting the gene? This and many more questions need to be answered for myself and many others. The process of unraveling the mysteries of the human genome creates enormous possibilities in the world of science. Knowing where our chromosomes or a specific gene lies allows scientists to look inside the human body with more intensity than an x-ray could ever achieve. By analyzing the genetic make-up of human beings, scientists can track diseases back to their most fundamental stages. This can maybe lead us to find out why or how Breast Cancer starts and comes from. Breast Cancer has been a big part of my families’ lives for the past 10 years. My aunt was diagnosed with the disease 10 years ago. I have seen many good times and some very turmoil times during her treatments and recovery and then the worst, her death. There are many different treatments that people go through to try and minimize and cure this horrible disease. One of the most common one is chemotherapy. During this process many people experience many side effects: hair loss, nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss, tiredness and fatigue. Not everyone will experience them because everyone treatment is different. Although the majority of patients take chemotherapy as a form of treatment, there is some concerns surrounding this form of treatment, there is some concerns surrounding this type of treatment due to religion, race, etc. and look for an alternative for like holistic theory. I myself feel that this is not the right way to go, but I think that there maybe people that feel different. I hope to find out enough information on Breast Cancer, the genes and it’s hereditary to answer my family,

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