Breast Cancer Essay

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Breast Cancer is killing so many people in our world daily. Although there is no real known reason as to how it even got started and where it has come from, it affects so many lives. This malignant tumor starts in the breast cells and can spread to other cells of the body. We may not know where this disease comes from, but we do have some specific ways of prevention. Controlling your eating habits and your alcohol intake are just a couple of ways you can reduce your risk for breast cancer. You should also focus on a healthier lifestyle and do physical activity on a regular. Staying dormant at home doesn’t help anyone, the more active you are; the better you’ll feel. According to the American Cancer Society, about 39, 510 women will die from breast cancer this year. We have to know how to reduce our changes for getting this disease. Of course there are things that we cannot control like genetically being prone to getting breast cancer; but there are a lot of ways our risk can be reduced. It’s important to get regular breast screenings and to know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. When the tumor is of a small size, there typically aren’t any symptoms. Once the tumor grows in size, this is when some of the symptoms will start to show up. If there is tenderness of the breasts, redness of the breasts, discharge from the nipple, and having a lump in the breast. These are all signs that you may have breast cancer, but these are not a guarantee that you have the disease. There are a few risk factors for breast cancer that aren’t as common as the ones we normally hear about. Studies show that being tall, post-menopausal obesity and having a child after 30 can increase your risk for breast cancer as well. Ways to lower your risk of breast cancer are as follows. * Avoid night exposure to light * Studies show, women who work at night or overnight have a

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