Breast Cancer Essay

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Breast Cancer Linda Price Axia College of University of Phoenix HCA/240 Joanna Puia July 24, 2011 Breast Cancer Breast cancer is a disease that forms in the breast of an individual (male or female) and if not properly treated it can lead to death. It is commonly known to be a disease that affects women but men have also been treated for breast cancer. There are signs and symptoms that one should know about breast cancer. Through public supports and cancer awareness programs individual’s (male or female) suffering with breast cancer can have a clearer understanding about the disease. An individual (male or female) should provide their physician with history information of family members who have or had any type of cancer. There are programs available for an individual (male or female) who does not have any type of insurance to be treated by a physician. There are risk factors involved with breast cancer. Before discussing breast cancer, it’s important to be familiar with the anatomy of the breast (Understanding Breast Cancer, 2009). The normal breast consists of milk-glands that are connected to the surface of the skin at the nipples by narrow ducts (Understanding Breast Cancer, 2009). The glands and ducts are supported by connective tissue made up of fat fibrous material (Understanding Breast Cancer, 2009). Blood vessels, nerves, and channels to the lymph nodes make up the rest of the breast tissue (Understanding Breast Cancer, 2009) All the breast anatomy mentioned above sits under the skin, but on top of the chest (Understanding Breast Cancer, 2009). As in all forms of cancer, the abnormal tissue that makes up breast cancer is the patient’s own cells that have multiplied uncontrollably (Understanding Breast Cancer, 2009). Breast cancer develops in the breast tissue, primarily in the milk ducts (ductal carcinoma) or glands

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