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Breast cancer is an abnormal, uncontrolled growth of breast tissues cells that can spread to other parts of the body. Another term for such a growth is malignancy. Once the cells grow out of control, they usually form a mass, also known as tumor. No one knows exactly the reason for the combination of genetic mistakes that causes breast cancer. Breast cancer is only one of many different types of cancer. The most common symptom is one or more small growth, or lumps, in the breast. In breast cancer, the uncontrolled growth usually begins in a part of the breast called the lobules, which make milk, or in the ducts that carry milk to the nipple. Occasionally, other symptoms, such as a rash or a bloody discharge from the nipple, may appear. Dimpling, or an orange-peel appearance, of the breast skin can also indicate the development of breast cancer. There are other, rarer types of breast cancer. These include the following: Inflammatory breast cancer Unknown primary Paget’s disease of the breast Cyst sarcoma phylloides We know that multiple gene mutations lead to cancer. What is less clear is why mutations occur. Researchers have been able to explain just a small portion of all mutations. None of those alone causes cancer. Causes of mutations tend to fall into two categories: inherited and environmental. A small portion of breast cancer is linked to inherited mutations. These are flaws in the genes that are passed from parents to their children. Other mutations are linked to carcinogens, or cancer-causing substance, in the environment. Much remains to be learned about breast cancer. Researchers continue to seek answers. The more we know about the cause, the better researchers can determine and develop preventions and treatments. disease and people Breast cancer by janet

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