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Interviews as well as interrogations play a major role when one conducts a criminal investigation and are many times mistaken as the same thing. Both techniques assist the investigator in learning the identity of the criminal, discovering their location and apprehending him or her, and to render proof of guilt in the court of law. Instruments for the investigator are constantly improving, therefore making the investigation process easier. All the same, the interrogation and interview techniques cannot be cast aside because they are an integral part of the investigation when physical evidence is scarce or non existent (Thakur,2009).There are a handful of ways in which an interrogation and an interview differ. The interview is an informal questioning, usually reserved for collecting information from the victims or witnesses. The dialogue that is used by the investigator when conducting an interview is non accusatory. The series of questions used during an interview are structured and may provide the investigator insight into whether or not the subject if the interview is telling the truth. Many times an interview is conducted in undesirable locations such as the scene of the crime. Interrogations are different in that they are a formal questioning of the suspect and “an accusatory monologue presented by the interrogator during which the interrogator presents “themes” to the suspect, e.g., face saving arguments that will serve to psychologically (not legally) justify, or minimize the moral seriousness of the suspect’s criminal behavior” (Senese, 2009).When conducting an interrogation the atmosphere is usually uncomfortable for the suspect being questioned. The main difference between interviews and investigations are the degree and manner of questions being asked. In light of new information an interview can turn into an investigation. Concisely, interviews are used by

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