Breaking a Social Norm Essay

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Breaking a Social Norm A few days ago I decided that for my project I would wear my clothes inside out for a whole day and see what happened. I figured some might look at me strangely; some might even have the nerve to tell me that they were inside out, but what they didn’t know was that was what I was trying to find out. Who would actually say something, and of course what reactions I would get. I woke up in the morning and put my clothes on….inside out, it was strange at first, definitely did not feel right, that’s for sure. When I went to the kitchen, my mom looked at me funny, and I just blankly stared back, until she finally told me to change them the right way, and I told her that that was just not going to happen. I made plans for the day to hang out with friends downtown, which was a perfect place to see the reactions on people’s faces. When I met up with my friends, their reactions were just so puzzled it made me amused. They all said to me as if in sync, “you know your clothes are inside out?” I said in response “Oh? Really?!” They probably thought I looked very strange, so they asked “Are you going to go switch them back?” I said “It doesn’t really matter to me”. So I kept on going with the experiment. I definitely drew some stares from other people downtown, but not a whole lot, not as many as I was expecting. Nothing really exciting happened until a random stranger came up to me and told me that my clothes were indeed inside out, and I said “alright, thanks”, and I went to catch up with my friends. I looked back, and he seemed very puzzled. I didn’t get anyone else to stop and tell me the obvious, but I determined that I had successfully broken a social

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