Breaking a Norm Essay

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Social Norm Mall The social experiment that we performed involved the violation of a social norm and monitored the reactions we would get for doing an abnormal behavior. We observed the reactions of five different places throughout the study to get the top results. We went to five stores in the mall but instead of appearing average, we had a beauty mask on our faces with rollers on our hair. As a result, we go various reactions ranging from laughter to confusion. It even led others to curiosity, so they asked us questions. Our experiment revealed the understanding of social norms; how they play a part in society and how the audience act. This experiment proved our hypothesis right. Our hypothesis stated that if we walk in public with beauty masks on our faces, rollers on our hair, then we will attract confusion and awkward stares from the people. Our hypothesis was proven right because breaking a social norm is considered doing something not normal in society. Within our society, norms are based on a general consent of what are accepted as normal actions or behaviors to the whole society. The social norm that we broke fell into the appearance value, which would be considered a folkway. Folkways are the accepted ways of behavior; they are norms to which we conform because it is expected to do so in our society. Going into the mall with a facial mask and two rollers on our hair was intended to breaking a folkway because it lacked moral significance and our experiment did not have serious consequences. It took a lot of determination to do something that people don’t normally do, and to get strange looks. The presentation was small, but it proved to generate many reactions from the audience. We got a lot of comments about our presence; some people even asked us why we were in public with face masks. Our analysis was contrary to social custom because it was not

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