Breakfast Club Stereotypes

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xxx ENGL 1301.015 27 June 2012 High School Stereotypes In The Eighties In the movie The Breakfast Club, made in the early 80’s. Five students are sent to detention on a Saturday morning and instructed to sit for eight hours and work on a one page essay of who they think they are. The five students appear to be judgmental of each other as they look around and take a seat somewhat apart from one another. This film is not a modern version of what today’s stereotypes interpret; it deals more with social status and cliques as well as family issues, which is about the only problem they can all communicate. The categories of stereotypes consist of a princess, the brain, the athlete, the basket case and the criminal. We have…show more content…
Brian is the straight “A” student with the high GPA, and easily bullied mostly jocks. As he strives to make an easy “A” he takes shop as a class and fails, he mentions in the film about how he thought he could pass that class and increase his GPA stating “have you seen the people who take shop?” during that scene, John Bender (the criminal) say’s “I take shop”, now the brain is being stereotypical towards the criminal. John is the rebel, the trouble maker, pot smoker and not one to attend class. John is the guy who gets detention for the following two months due to talking back sarcastically to the principal of the school showing his toughness and not being scared of anyone. We also have Allison (the basket case) the girl no one includes in any of the school cliques, she’s mostly the loaner and insecure. When Allison sits at the library during detention, she sits away from everyone her back facing the rest. Allison is mostly insecure, her reason for being in detention is because she had nothing better to do, and her parents act as if she doesn’t

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