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“The Breakfast Club” – Social Problems and Coping Solutions In the 1985 film “The Breakfast Club” all of the characters are faced with social stereotypes put on them by the typical high school environment. The character I chose to analyze for this paper is the character played by Emilio Estevez. In the film, Estevez’s character is named Andrew Clark who is considered the typical high school athlete or “jock.” During the film, we discover several issues he faces in both his personal and social life. Three problems that Clark faces are; pressure by his father to be the star athlete at school, wanting to get ready for his big meet rather than spend all day in detention, and he doesn’t really give any of the other characters a second glance and instead he just judges them on the spot. These problems are not only somewhat similar to those faced by the other characters, but they are faced by many of today’s high school youth and are very serious in some situations. I know I have dealt with similar issues in the past with my parents and classmates, but I have found several ways to cope with these problems so that do not affect me as much. At the beginning of them film, we can tell right away that Andrew is the “jock” of the high school, mainly because of his lettermen jacket and tennis shoes. (Again, stereotyping at its finest.) As the film progresses, Andrew becomes angered by John Bender, who is considered to be the “bad boy” in the film, which causes him to open up to the other characters about who he is and how he doesn’t want to disappoint his father who has put an enormous amount of pressure on him to be successful in wrestling. This has become a huge issue in the past decade with parents pushing their kids into sports at such a young age and expecting the best out of them during every event or game. This can lead to severe injuries that may never return to

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