Breakfast Burritos Short Story

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Breakfast Burritos “Dudes, we can chill at my house,” Garrison stated. “That's chill, dude,” his three comrades replied, almost in unison. Garrison, at fifteen, nearly sixteen, was never quite sure the impact this had on his mother. Four teenagers in a 700 square foot house? He was sure though, that his mom always preferred that he be at home, no matter who was to tag along. He also knew – they would be well fed. “Will your mom make breakfast burritos?” Will asked. “You know she will, Will.” Garrison answered. They both chuckled at their pun. What Garrison did not know was... In another lifetime and twenty-plus years ago, his mother was considered to be horrendous and an utter failure as a cook. His mother had married her high school sweetheart. His mother was considered to be an excellent cook. Their whole family beamed about it, the mother in law even beamed about it. After his mother was married, her in-laws decided it was high time that she learn how and start to cook. However would her son survive? This was the mother-in-law’s greatest fear. But as hard as she tried, her cooking resulted in ashes, rock hard loaves of bread, and sticky pasta. She became a laughing stalk. She was married less than two years and went on to be a happy, single person eating…show more content…
His mother remembered how lovingly the mother-in-law was looked upon at meal time. She wanted that. She wanted, of course, every good thing for her son. She started reading cookbooks as though they were novels. Then, she discovered the Food Network. The beautiful Giada, the hilarious Paula, and the refined Ina were her cooking instructors. She was able to see food being lovingly prepared. Not watching an assembly line of one slice of Spam, one pineapple slice, one thick slice of Velveeta cheese product slapped together and thrown in the oven. That was a once a week dinner as she was growing up. This was what she had thought cooking

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