Breakfast at Sallys

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Jack Todd (2/15/2015 writing 1 Dr. Lord Breakfast at Sally’s: One Homeless Man’s Inspirational Journey by Richard LeMieux depicts a story of friendship, and honor. Richard, a once Rich business man is cast out onto the streets when his business falls through. For a few weeks he lives out of a campground with just his dog Willow. After a short time He ends up at the Salvation army. A place the homeless in Bremerton call “Sally’s.” It is at Sally’s that Richard discovers there is still a life ahead of him. While going through the weight of depression on his shoulders, he manages to pull through with several friends he meets at Sally’s and his dog willow. It started with his dog Willow being there from the start all the way to the end. Then at Sally’s where Richard went on to meet the man who would be by his side until the very end of the story. “C.” C will go on to be called Richard’s guardian angel. Richard would not be able to overcome failure and persevere through his struggles with adversity and depression without the company of Willow, his dog, and his friends. C is a wonderful and mysterious character throughout Breakfast at Sally`s. He is the type of person to give what little he has to somebody else in order to see them fit. “While I’m at it, here’s a little for running me around today.”’ “He handed me two ten-dollar bills”pg44. He truly cares about everyone. Even when giving to others he anticipates them sharing with somebody else also. “Just buy someone else dinner some time when they really need it,”’ pg44. “C taught me to give half of what you have to help a fellow human being-and sometimes more” pg423. C had been there for Richard countless times throughout the book. Offering Richard food, and or money. And best of all a friendship. A real friend to, not one that runs away when Richard loses all his money. C offers Richard money to find a

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