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What is the meaning of eating? What is the meaning of eating? The importance of breakfast Arianna Parodi Gaslini Institute Centre for the Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity Cardiff, 17-18 March 2009 Content Workshop The primitive function of food is to provide the body with all the nutrients and elements needed to grow, develop, survive and perform vital functions, but eating habits are much more than that. Food habits express who we are and how we are feeling, provide a way of relating to other people, sharing with the people we live and also with the environment and surroundings. Food habits are part of culture, traditions and personal history. Modifying such structured habits is difficult. The views expressed in this presentation are purely the authors' own and do not reflect the views of the European Commission. EUROPEAN DIET: why do they eat? EUROPEAN DIET: why do they eat? EUROPEAN DIET: when do they eat? EUROPEAN DIET: when do they eat? Diet depends on many different factors, including climate, infrastructure and development of the region, agriculture, political and economical aspects and transport. People’s food choices are influenced by: psychological factors; food preferences and dislikes; uses and traditions; culture, social values, food symbolism, beliefs and religion; education; economic factors; aesthetic factors; age; physiology; mass communication and advertising; and family and friends. According to a pan-European survey the main influences on food choices for consumers in the European Union aged 15 years and over are food quality (including food safety), price, taste, awareness about healthy eating and the family. Eating schedules are not the same in every European country, but there is a common trend towards an increasing proportion of food being eaten outside of formal meals Surveys on the eating habits of

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