Breakfast Essay

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Breakfast has always been reverred as the most crucial meal of the day. The importance of this meal is based on many different reasons. The first reason is because breakfast provides a person with their initial energy for the day (Leidy, et al., 2009). The second reason breakfast is important is because its consumption keeps a person full longer thus, keeping them from snacking later on. This initial theory was tested and the results proved that those who ate breakfast were less likely to snack, whereas those who did not eat breakfast were very likely to snack throughout the day and largely on fattening foods (Shaw, 1998. A third reason breakfast is so critical is because it affects a person physically and mentally. It was mentioned earlier how eating breakfast gives one more energy, but breakfast also provides the nutrients a person needs in order for their brain to better function allowing for greater concentration and other cognitive abilities (Thorton, 2008). These are only three of the many studies done concerning the importance of eating breakfast. While each study is important and focused on it’s own theory, there has not been much research as to directly why some adolescents chose to skip breakfast. These factors are very important solely because skipping breakfast at such a young age can be detrimental to the child’s well-being, brain function and overall health. In an effort to look deeper into the issue of adolescents skipping breakfast, Mary Shaw conducted a research study that focused on just that. Shaw sought to find the reasoning behind skipping such an important meal and she began her study by reviewing previous literature and studies focusing on the positive effects of eating breakfast versus the negative affects of skipping breakfast. Instead of theorizing certain reasons breakfast is often skipped, Shaw took a different approach and

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