Breakdown of Romantic Relationships Essay

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Outline and evaluate one theory into the breakdown of romantic relationships (8+16) Rollie and Duck, 2006, proposed a theory into the breakdown of a romantic relationship, which consists of six processes. The first being breakdown, where one person believes the relationship is at the ending point and if things do not improve they will move on to the next phase. The second is the intrapsychic process. This is where the individual looks hard at their relationship and thinks of their partner in negative terms. This promotes a social withdrawal, but grievances have not yet been aired. If the threshold is reached, the individual will believe that they will be justified in withdrawing. The next stage is the dyadic process, where the individual declares their resentment for their partner, and the problems are aired and disputed by their partner. The relationship can be saves by effective communication. However, is can also highlight the weaknesses. In this instance, the relationship breakup can move to the point where the split is announced. Now the potential breakup is made public in the social process. Whereby they receive advice from friends and family on the breakup, to find the conclusion. It’s also time where the partner justifies the breakup, sometimes blaming the other person. The grave dressing process happens after the split. This process is important as it makes sure that their account of the split doesn’t deter potential new partners by putting themselves in a good light. So making them sound like it wasn’t their fault that the relationship broke down. The final stage is the resurrection, so picking yourself up and starting over again. It’s where the person moves on, possibly to a new relationship. Learning from the mistakes of the previous relationship, and knowing what they want from a new relationship. Tashiro and Frazier provided
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