Breakdown of Relationships

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Discuss research into the breakdown of romantic relationships. One theory looking at the breakdown of romantic relationships is Duck’s model of breakdown. Duck explains the breakdown of relationship through four stages, the first stage is the intra psychic stage, this is when feelings are discussed between the partners and they also discuss ways to save the relationship. The relationship is re-evaluated. The second stage of the breakdown of a romantic relationship according to Duck is the dyadic stage, this refers to where the partners assess each other’s behaviour in order to evaluate the costs of withdrawing from the relationship, they also experience feelings of uncertainty, resentment and hostility. The third stage of the breakdown of a relationship is the social phase, this is where the partners seek help from the public or they publicly announce the break up. The final stage of a breakdown of a relationship according to Duck is the grave dressing process, this refers to where each partner questions their decision and then considers how the break up has impacted their social life. During this stage the partners also look at the memories they have made. Tashiro and Frazier have completed research to support Duck’s model of breakdown. They surveyed undergraduates who had recently broken up with their partners. They reported they had feelings of emotional distress and personal growth. Through the last stage mentioned by duck, the grave dressing process, they were able to put the relationship to rest. Tashiro and Frazier’s research suggests the relationship is broken down into stages and the grave dressing stage is the last stage that provides partners with closure. This supports the theory and improves the internal validity. However this evidence by Tashiro and Frazier has been criticised because it can not be generalised to all relationships because of
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