Break Up Speech Essay

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Look, we have not been dating very long and I think we should really keep it that way. Let’s face it, this is not going anywhere. I want someone I can imagine myself with in the future. You are not in my vision of the future. I think its best that we end this now because, let’s face it, we have both known that this was not going to last very long. It was something that really didn’t have a chance from the start. This is nothing but a fling, and I am done with it. I also know that you were out trying to pick up other girls, so why exactly would I be staying with you. You were a horrible boyfriend. To be quite honest, I do not know why I even wasted my precious time on you, when I could have been with someone much better. You kind of are an awful person. Maybe it’s a good thing that youre leaving to college and youll be thousands of miles away. I literally cant take it anymore. A boyfriend is suppose to be caring and loving but not you , you sure know how to make me feel as little and insignificant as possible. Honestly, I’m more sad than I am happy in this relationship. Everything you do is against me and I just can’t stand it anymore. It’s so unfair that I cannot be happy just because you are unhappy with yourself. You should address your own issues and stop making me feel so bad about myself. It’s time that I move on from this horrible relationship. It just seems like I’m the one doing all of the work, it’s not fair. I’m the one who tried to work out some of the issues; I was the only one who was nice in this relationship. You never tried talking to me, or loving me and taking me out was always a problem. You just wanted me to do all of the work and that’s so unfair. Relationships are supposed to be fifty-fifty, and this was all eighty-twenty. I need to be more efficient with my time, which means I do not have any time for you. I have a bright future ahead of me
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