Break The Glass Ceiling Essay

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Break the Glass Ceiling On August 10th, 2009, when Hillary Clinton decided to quit from the 44th presidential campaign, she made a speech in which she said that although American women were not able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling that time, it was going about 18 million cracks in it and the light was shining through like never before, filling American women all with the hope and sure knowledge that the path will be a little easier next time. It was true that when she started the presidential campaign, everyone was asking the same question. Could a woman really serve as the commander-in-chief? Hillary told the people who doubted that if they can blast 50 women into space, they would someday launch a woman into the White House. However, there is also a sad fact she mentioned that American women are blocked by what is called the glass ceiling. That is to say women can see through the glass to the top levels, while they cannot reach them. But according to Hillary’s opinion although this time she failed to break it, women as a whole, were coming nearer to the victory. As we all know America women have come a long way to what they are expecting since 1960s in every field of private and public life. They are changing the rules. Forty years ago it was hard to imagine a group of women employees suing a major corporation for millions of dollars of salary which they alleged, had been denied them because they had been discriminated against. At work, at athletic play,, at all levels of living women are suggesting new rules. However, the struggle will continue to create a more just society. As we have seen, the male is given the dominant position, while female often plays a supporting role. The male is expected to have superior strength, greater stamina, higher intelligence, and better organizing ability. Psychologically, the male is trained to play the

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