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Practice English Essay – Film How has the director of the context you have just viewed represent Shakespeare’s central concerns (theme) and values (Jacobean context and his outlook as a playwright) using film (sound and visual) and language techniques? In the extract of the film of King Lear, the director has incorporated film techniques of shadowing, close-up and diagetic sound to express and enhance the central concerns of the play - loyalty and ingratitude, blindness and power and authority. Values of the Jacobean context are also highlighted throughout the extract through the use of costume, which represents the foreshadowing in the play, language and gestures. The director has used the film techniques of shadowing, costume and diagetic sound in the opening scene of the film extract to convey the theme of loyalty and ingratitude and blindness and introduction of the Jacobean context. Edmund, Gloucester and Kent are the first characters on display and hidden amongst the shadows of the dark room whilst the light shines down of half of their faces. “The whoreson must be acknowledged,” this quote spoken by Gloucester shows the filial ingratitude in his family towards Edmund, as he introduces Edmund as his illegitimate son. However, Edmund’s response his polite, yet the shadow and close-up on his face conveys the false identity of Edmund’s true evil nature and forged loyalty towards Gloucester. Diagetic sound of the organs for the grand entrance of King Lear signifies the authority and power of Lear in the beginning of the play. The other characters have a set natural instinct to immediately prepare for his entrance as a sign of respect and loyalty to the King. Lear is dressed in noble clothes of good quality showing his authority as King and the clothing worn in Jacobean context. In the middle of scene, King Lear asks each of his daughters to tell him

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