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Break dancing I’m sure you’ve heard of break dancing before because its been around since late 1960s early 1970s and it requires a lot of skills. There are many different types of moves you can do in break dancing. Experts say that break dancing comes from different types of dances. In break dancing you listen to certain types of music. In brake dancing, you have to be physically fit and strong to do mostly all of the moves. There are many different types of moves you can do in break dancing. Like the back spin, windmill, and head spin. In the back spin you spin on the middle of your back. When you do the head spin you balance on your head while spinning. During windmill you lean on one of your arms and push off with the other each time going around with your legs open up in the air the whole time! Even before break dancing, there were dances that experts say help create break dancing. One of the dances that helped create break dancing was martial arts. Martial arts inspired a lot of the body motions. Another dance that experts say inspired break dancing is Brazilian Frevo. Break dancing also came from top rock came from up rock which had aggressive hand thrusts and jerks. When you break dance, most people listen to music. When you listen to music while break dancing, it makes you want to move more. The type of music people usually is bass-heavy music. Bass-heavy music is good to listen to when your break dancing because the thumps in the music helps you move faster and to the certain beat. If you’ve never heard of break dancing before this now you have. If you do want to try one of the move I have mentioned make sure your on a smooth flat surface. I hope you have enjoyed reading and maybe learning a little something about break dancing through my

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