Bread Talk Implementation in France Essay

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Executive Summary BreadTalk Group is a Singaporean company created in 2000, which was listed in SGX by the year 2003. It is a great representation of a successful food and beverage business in Singapore and across Asia. BreadTalk Group has developed several brands in sixteen Asian countries. These brands include bakeries such as BreadTalk, Toast Box and The Icing Room. The popular food atrium, Food Republic, as well as renowned restaurants such as Din Tai Fung is also founded under the BreadTalk Group. The first outlet was a BreadTalk store that opened in 2000 in Bugis Junction. After the successful launch of their first store, the number of outlets and international franchise enquiries increased rapidly. It was a major successful business venture for the company and had attained many awards. Bread was created by Egyptian thousands of year BC. It was in Greece that the first bakery appeared five centuries BC. It then expanded in Italy and in the whole of Europe with the Christians diffusion. In this era, there are many varieties of bread all around the world. In some countries, bread is a base of alimentation. France is a prime example of that. There are more than 55.000 bakeries (Insee 2008) with almost one bakery per village and several on the same street in towns. Many bakery groups such as Paul or La Brioche Dorée, in addition to traditional bakeries, have been founded and the industry is extremely competitive. However, with more than 75% of the population patronizing bakeries every day, there is still a great potential for BreadTalk to launch in France. Bread Talk has several concepts that are new to the French community; it looks modern, has an open kitchen and provides a wide and international range of tasty breads, cakes, pastries and snacks at an affordable price via a self-service concept. The following report will discuss how BreadTalk Group

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