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How Does Temperature Affect the Growth of Mold on Wheat Bread? | Researched by Nichole A. 1999-2000 | * PURPOSE * HYPOTHESIS * EXPERIMENT DESIGN * MATERIALS * PROCEDURES * RESULTS * CONCLUSION * RESEARCH REPORT * BIBLIOGRAPHY * ABOUT THE AUTHOR | PURPOSEThe purpose of my experiment was to determine how temperature would affect the growth of mold on honey potato bread. The reason I became interested in my topic was because I thought it would be helpful to find a way to keep food from molding. The information gathered in this experiment would help scientists who study mold and people who hate mold on their food. It will also help bread manufacturers and restaurant owners learn how to store their bread in order to keep it from molding. HYPOTHESISMy hypothesis is that bread mold will grow at a slower rate when in a freezing temperature than it will at a warm temperature. I base my hypothesis on a statement found on Encarta 2000 that states “storage at a low temperature slows many of the enzymatic reactions involved in spoilage and reduces the growth rate of microorganisms.” Back to Top EXPERIMENT DESIGNThe constants in this study were: -Type of bread and the ingredients -Date the bread was baked -Size of bread piece -Amount of light each piece gets -Size of “Zip Lock” bag -Testing procedures used -Time at which the bread was checked The manipulated variable was the temperature at which the bread was stored while the experiment took place. The responding variable was the rate of mold growth during one week of observation I measured the amount of mold by tracing the outline of the mold onto a piece of transparent grid film covering the bread each. Then I counted the number of square centimeters the mold covered. Back to Top MATERIALS QUANTITY | ITEM DESCRIPTION | 15 | white bread | 15 | Zip-lock™ bags | 15 |

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