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Bread Givers, when I thought of the title the first image came to my mind was the 40’s – 50’s with an English atmosphere of horses and carriages, stone buildings, men in suits with tall hats wearing a pocket watch and holding a cane with their ladies and in middle of that a bakery or bread shop. I know its little weird. I think the true meaning to me is responsibility not for just the household but for oneself; also respect. In this book the title Bread Givers goes to two directions or path for these characters like Sara, independent woman and her elder sister Bessie who sacrifices her dreams and serves the family. Sara is the youngest daughter and plays the first person in the story. She is the most fiercely independent daughter in the family, Sara wants more than any of them to create a life of her own. Though she admires her father's dedication and inner flame, she is also deeply resentful of his hypocrisy and the chances he has denied all his daughters. She develops crushes on men with similar dedication and fire, seeking a more willing and understanding role model than Reb Smolinsky, as well as a companion who will acknowledge and appreciate the identity she's struggled to build. Sara is willing to work hard to get what she wants, but her ceaseless craving for companionship and tendency to romanticize her situation sometimes distract her from her ultimate goal. The driving force in Sara's life is her desire to find her own version of the light she sees radiating from her father. As a child, she yearns for something that will inspire her, as teen, she dreams of becoming a teacher so that all eyes will be on her the way they are on her father when he preaches. Later, she finds books that fuel her from day to day. When she gives up Max Goldstein because he would have stopped her education, she comforts herself with the thought that her sacrifice is like her

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