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Scott Sanders Advertising: 1929-1946 About Bread Bread, the main staple of the average American family in the 1930s, can be considered the most impressive cultural change of the times. Imagine this, in the 1920’s the average roll of the woman in the house hold was to do the so called domestic duties, wash the laundry, clean the house and bake the bread. By 1940 the trend had changed and more and more men were assuming the role of Mr. Mom and managing the household and its routines. Due to the change of society the advertising had to change along with the world and in some cases reshape it. Bread winning was a term that really meant something during this time, it was estimated that bread was a larger portion of a normal diet at the turn of the century and accounted for about 30% of the overall calorie intake. So it was no surprise see the use of bread and the ability to buy bread as a common problem people of this time faced. The unique faucet of the times was that because of the great depression that raged on the family had to work together and in some cases the gender defined rolls were swapped in order for the whole family to survive. The 30’s was a time of roll reversals and deep seated change. During this era, a time of survival and desperate actions, trying to keep the family fed was a challenge and often everyone had to pitch in to get the job done. The basic roll of the family was no longer Daddy goes to work, Mommy keeps the house and the kiddos go to school. Instead of the story book, life was Mommy, Daddy and kiddos did whatever they could to get the bread on the table. In some cases Daddy had lost his job and the only steady income was from Mommy, leaving gaps in the amount of money they had to work with. This was the birth of Rosie the Riveter and a whole slew of new terms and concepts in advertising. As a result of this

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