Breach of Trust Essay

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How do you define a depraved political group? Corruption is defined as an impairment of “integrity”, “virtue”, or “moral principle.” This is a global disease; that is, the global disease that goes without saying that this occurs in every country. It is a global disease that can permeate through anyone from any group or nation. This global issue can be defined through another perspective other than a definition such as acquiring its basis and catastrophes. I was born under a depraved government and grew up while gazing upon the distress of the families around me. A developing nation and a third world country defines my home nation, the Philippines. The Philippines can be used to trace the causes and effects we are trying to acquire. Poverty is what defines these distresses of the families. Poverty is a catastrophe that has the same face in all places. These experiences grew the importance of the global issue of corruption for me. When I was growing up, I’ve been wondering the causes of the devastation around me. I came up with the answer, Corruption. Rating from 0-10 (0 as for being the most corrupted and 10 as for being the cleanest), Philippines is ranked 2.6. I will be discussing an example of how a corruption can be developed based on my experiences and research. Most scandals of corruption occur behind the political groups of most of the third world countries. To trace the affections of corruption, we need to trace its cause and basis. Most countries that run under a depraved government contain groups of businessmen or politicians that are characterized and are called Oligarchs. To have a little background of the causes of the corruption in my home nation, I will share you a story. In my home nation, people separate their selves under social classes; either you are poor or rich. Poor people are characterized as the people under poverty, who only earns about less
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