Brazil Cultural Essay

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Brazil Cultural Evaluation David Jacobs Alex Newton Windy Mccain Leanne Soboski Sheena Smith BCOM\275 November 19th 2013 Elia Parrish Brazil, like most Latin American countries, has been pugnacious to find their identity away from its colonial past. The struggle has not been stress-free and with Brazil diverse political and economic position in South America. Brazil answers for more than half of South America’s economic production and more than half of the population. Brazil, Portuguese colonial background is poles apart from its neighboring countries. Brazil has often been seen as a country with beautiful beaches, relaxing vacation spot and often admired and thanked for the invention of the bikini. However one may overlook the dark underside of Brazil anti- drug law. A controversial campaign was launched with the objective in mind to attain one million signatures. The signatures will back the bill to make a distinction between user and dealers (Brazil Launches Campaign To Decriminalise Drug Use, 2013). For example if an individual is arrested for one gram of marijuana for personal use versus an individual who was caught with one pound of marijuana for illegal profit the fines and the incarnation time can be equal. However in August of 2006 the current president of that time has lessened the punishment when someone is found guilty of possession of the drug. (Smith, Phillip) Brazil firmly took the stance that people who purchase the drug buy it because they have a medical or psychological problem. Jail time has been evaporated if caught with the drug and now a he or she is either charged with a fine or community service. This shows that Brazilian government recognizes the medical benefits of the drug but still having moral and ethical problems with legalization. Though Brazil lessoned the punishment on an individual level, they

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