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Brazil Global Business Environment Tim Livesay 5/6/14 The history of Brazil begins in the 1500’s when Pedro Cabral, a Portuguese adventurer, stumbled upon Brazil and its nearly seven million native Indians. Soon after, more Portuguese adventurers followed Cabral in their search to leave poverty behind. The Portuguese were unlike any other that had tried to inhabit Brazil. The Spanish tried to conquer and take control, while the Portuguese simply wanted to escape the poverty they had in Portugal and try and take advantage of the profitable trade and subsistence agriculture than in territorial expansion. The country's interior remained unexplored. In 1690 gold was discovered in the south central part of the country. However, there wasn’t really enough there to do anything with so the efforts resorted back to the coastal area. In the 1800’s as Napoleon was closing in on Portugal Dom Joao fled and claimed Brazil as the capital of his empire. Soon after Dom Joao returned to Lisbon when things cooled down. His son, Dom Pedro became the new leader of the colony his father earlier claimed. A year later Joao tried to return to Brazil his son, Dom Pedro declared Brazil’s independence from Portugal and his own independence from his father. The main language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese. Which makes sense since that is who founded the country hundreds of years ago. There are not many differences in the language between the two countries. Just like there aren’t many differences between English in the U.S. and English in the U.K. The two are virtually the same with different accents. In fact there are not any different dialects they are one in the same. There are some exceptions however. The native Indians have their own languages. Those languages include, Tupí, Arawak, Carib, and Gê. Because of Brazil's size, self-sufficiency, and relative

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