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Brazil has many interesting facts but ill start with the background. After more than three centuries of being ruled by Portugal, Brazil gained freedom in1822; Brazil kept a monarchy form of government until 1888 Brazil and held the proclamation of a republic until 1889. Brazilian coffee exporters dominated the country until 1930 when Aetolia Vargas began to govern Brazil. So far the largest and most populated country in South America, Brazil went through for more than 50 years military government until 1985. In conclusion Brazil had many events in its background, but these are just a few. Brazil is in eastern South America on the border of the Atlantic Ocean. South America’s total area is 8,514,877 sq. km, the area of land on Brazil is 8,459, and 417 sq. km the area of water in Brazil is 55,460 sq. km which is slightly smaller than the U.S. The coastline of Brazil is 7, 491 km; the average climate of South America is mostly tropical, but temperate in the south. Brazil’s lowest point is 0 m at the Atlantic and the highest point is 2,994 m at picot ad newline. The terrain is mostly flat to rolling lowlands in north; some plains, hills, mountains and a narrow coastal belt. This is a part of Brazil’s geography. Brazil’s people have many different shapes and sizes. Brazil’s population is 201, 103, and 330. 26.7 % of people in Brazil are 14 or younger. 66.8 % of people are 15 to 64. 6.4% of people 65 and older in Brazil. The average age of men is 28.1. The average age of female in Brazil is 28.7. The death rate of people in Brazil is 6.35 deaths /1,000 populations. The male life expectancy is 68.7 years. The female life expectancy is 76 years. Brazilian literacy is that people 15 and older can read and write. There are many different types of food from brazil but I’ll only describe one. An everyday plate for Brazilians

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